CRS Solutions

Food Service and Beyond

We offer additional services that make us a great business partner for you and your success.  Our custom consultations deliver powerful solutions to your needs.  Whether you are looking for cost advantages, creating new food items, or menu designs, we have the services to support you.

Business Solutions

CRS OneSource offers many different kinds of consultation to help you.  From understanding financial documents to creating new recipes, we help our customers at every step, whether you are well-established or just getting started.

We have chefs available to assist with sampling products and creating new menu items.  Our experts can help you find the most cost-effective products for your menu and help you with menu pricing, both a science and art.  

Menu Solutions

We offer menu analysis, design and publishing.  Your menu is your brand and should represent you in a positive and profitable way.  We offer our customers everything they need to have a successful menu.


Our analysis will break down cost per serving and assess your pricing to ensure you are hitting necessary margins. Our experts with 20+ years of experience will help with engineering the menu which is key to selling more high-profit items. We also have designers who can create an aesthetically pleasing menu for you.