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A Solid Catering Program Can
Boost Your Business

When loyal fans of Chicago’s Virtue Restaurant found out that the Southern-focused eatery launched a catering program back in 2020, they bombarded them with online orders. 


For the first time ever, customers could order in bulk Chef Eric’s macaroni and cheese, gumbo with chicken and andouille sausage, and cornbread with honey butter.

Should You Raise Your Prices?

From paper goods to food, record inflation is making life tough for restaurants, and most have already taken steps to fight back.  Many have raised menu prices to try to maintain their margins.


But restaurant patrons are fighting their own battle with inflation. So is raising menu prices a good idea? Is there a point where consumers will balk? And have we reached it already?

Food Industry Trend Report: Fall Flavors

Fall flavors are creeping earlier into summer every year, which continues to impact the flavors and offerings showing up on menus and retail shelves.


We’ve said often over the past two-plus years how important innovation is in getting consumers excited about eating out and trying new things again, and in this era of economic contraction and high inflation, it’s perhaps more important that ever.

The Power of Limited Time Offers

It’s only human nature – as much as patrons like to order their old favorites, they’re always ready to change up if there’s a good reason.


An effective LTO can create a cascade of benefits, advancing both your menu and marketing strategies through repeat traffic and word-of-mouth enthusiasm.

Why Spirit-Free Cocktails Are Essential on Every Menu

According to Datassential, this “new sobriety” movement is quickly catching on with consumers, with 57% aware of craft “mocktails” and 48% interested in trying them.


“The thing about zero-proof cocktails is that everyone can enjoy them,” says Marshall. “We are starting to realize that so many people, not just people who are in recovery, are starting to desire less alcohol. The smart business folks are listening to those consumers.”

Adapting Your Menu For Delivery

Before you can set up a delivery service for your restaurant, you need to make sure that you have a menu suitable for take out.


Picking the right menu items for your take-out menu is essential for ensuring successful deliveries. It is important to understand that not every meal on your restaurant menu is delivery friendly. 

How to Calculate Labor Cost Percentage

Knowing your restaurant’s labor cost percentage is critical to operating and maintaining a financially healthy business. That labor represents the heart and soul of your restaurant.



When you understand how much you’re spending on staffing, and how those costs relate to your sales, you’ll be better prepared to navigate whatever challenges come your way.